Equinox Transmission: Star Seeded Sparks

Star SeedsIn this first recording of an Earth Hive transmission, we receive the awakening of our star seeded “sparks” through a collective consciousness of the Cosmic-New Earth grid.  Through the Equinox energies, we become aligned with a new crystalline highway of “holy” plant consciousness.  The guardians of the sacred seeds return to Earth as a unified family of higher consciousness.  As we receive the gifts from the guardians, we are re-enlivened as star seeded sparks that work in union with the new sun’s light.  We are transformed into the holy people of the holy plants, prepared to release our “sparks” into the Earth’s soil for the crystalline Earth consciousness, physicality and gifts.

You may receive the transmission here (press play on the player below Equinox Transmission: Star Seeded Sparks).

To further support your star seeds in awakening, through the guardians of the seeds, there is a new Earth Hive Essence available ~ Sacred Earth: Zea Mays ~ this essence transmits the energetic blueprint of corn as a “food” of higher consciousness, a gift from the stars.  In this essence, a new blueprint is revealed that repairs the genetic and spiritual damage encountered by modern day corn and the resulting damage to our own bio-spiritual DNA.  When we re-emerge with the essence of sacred corn, we are re-born into holy plant consciousness as the sacred human and sacred Earth.  To receive this 1 oz. essence, please visit the Earth Hive Store.


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