Pink Diamond Earth Matrix Transmission

Cherry blosssoms and beeA new energy transmission was received this week from the Unified Heart field of the Cosmic Heart.  The transmission can be received here.

In this transmission, we receive first a healing and re-alignment for the physical body to harmonize with the Galactic Core and the field of unity consciousness.  The elementals of the New Earth prepare us to receive the gifts of the Unified Heart.  In the second part of the transmission, we travel into the Unified Heart field, a dimensional space of unity consciousness, where our group container is connected to 7 new tones of light.  These 7 tones are contained within the Pink Diamond energy and are encoded with new consciousness for Earth and humanity.  In the final part of the transmission, we anchor the Pink Diamond light into the Earth’s new Earth grid and experience a third eye activation into the Pink Diamond light frequency.  We are reminded at the end that through these transmissions we are  instantaneously transformed in body and presence.  We become the Pink Light bee-ings of the Unified Heart.


4 thoughts on “Pink Diamond Earth Matrix Transmission

    • Hi StaceyUK,

      The pink diamond light has many purposes but in its initial entry into the Earth (and to us as you experienced) it’s one of the first tones/frequencies of the diamond heart from the honeycomb “core” (or the Kingdom of Heaven central galactic core) for us to receive. It carries with it the divine feminine energy, as well as Angelic Human blueprints. The diamond heart is received first, then the new Earth tones (new rainbow color tones from the “core”). The diamond heart is the crystalline heart complex of the new human that embodies the Avatar of the Christed heart…when mixed with the pink light, this is the beginning of receiving the Feminine Christ Consciousness. In this transmission in particular, it’s purpose is to circulate the pink diamond light as a new Earth “blood” through the grid AND we become “pink-blooded” humans, again of the divine feminine Christ lineage. There are other “pink” light spectrum’s related to love and the heart but this one is specific and can be known through the “diamond” energy it carries, which is crystalline in substance.

      Hope that’s helpful! Enjoy your new heart!

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