Passing of the Torch: Stewardship and Direction from the New Sun-Light

new sunHello all,

This is another quick update of some vast incoming new energy fields that are descending into Earth now to integrate us into the new feminine architecture for planet Earth.  All of this is building from the Golden Egg transmission to the recent Mother”ship” landing of the new feminine systems  and from the “birthing room” of the new Angelic Earth (as I myself enter the physical birthing room for the birth of my daughter).  If you require assistance or want deeper guidance to navigate your role in these incoming energies, I strongly encourage you to receive the activations from March 22nd of the Global Unified Heart transmission.  These include the Tribes of Light transmission that are specifically for this moment.

Passing of the Torch: Ancient Earth Mission Complete

For some time now, especially leading up to the shifting energies of 2012 and the grounding in of the new  Angelic Earth, the blueprint of Ancient Earth has been leading the way for the rising of the Angelic Earth.  We needed to go “back in time” to re-integrate the Ancient Earth wisdom codes to create a solid foundation for our new evolutionary experience.  This is process is now complete.  We have integrated the Ancient Earth wisdom codes and the elders and ancestors who guided our process are passing the torch onto us!  As the ancestoral co-creators created the Earth, we now have the wisdom and the tools to carry forward the re-creation of the Earth in a very physical, “real” way now.

The blueprint of the Angelic Earth is already imprinted into our planet’s hologram, as well as individuals who are the Angelic Humans.  Thus, we are emitting these wisdom codes and now are being led to the specific tasks that are our Angelic Human missions.  Our new missions reflect the “future” state of the planet.  We are moving in the direction of a humane planet that is built on peace, love, beauty and expanding joy.  We will know the vastness of these energy fields as unified life experiences: Peace is. Love is.  Beauty is. Joy is the catalyst of them all.  No longer “caught” in the web of constricted creation rules, we are the manifestors of the New Human Freedom.  We carry the Keys to the Kingdom and are now being “pushed” to use them and use them fast!  The Earth is in need of some rapid intervention.  So if you’re doubting your role or unsure of the direction, it’s time to move on from that state.  Your wisdom codes are unlocked and you are fully empowered to transform all that you have come here to create.  If there ever was a moment to leap, it’s now.  You will not be alone.  As you leap into your New Human Freedom, you will be met with others be fully supported in your Angelic Earth mission.

Emissaries of the New Sun-Light

A new group of souls are awakening and descending into the planet that carry the Light of New Sun.  There is a new activation from the sun that is directing the Sun Souls to physically embody and in the case of some humans “awaken” in their current bodies to carry out the mission of Sun Souls.  The Sun Souls are carriers of new light rays that are transmuting old Earth matter with instantaneous sun ray radiation.  Beaming this light through the third eye and heart centered golden light re-wires the old Earth matter into new Earth matter and re-aligns Earth matter to the direction of the Light of the New Sun.

The New Sun-Light is encoded with planetary stewardship “harmony” codes that are relieving Mother Earth from “holding balance” by circulating “new light breathe” into the Earth matter.  The transmission of the Sun Souls brings planetary “enlivenment” and harmony intelligences that are new to the planet.  As we move towards the June Solstice, the Sun Souls’ transmission will intensify and open new portals for sun travelers to visit the planet to work on the Stewardship Harmony Grid of Earth.  The Harmony Grid informs the planet to manifest harmonious life-giving systems, firstly, to Nature Consciousness and, secondly, to Humanity as She awakens into the New Earth Song vibration.  Humanity as She will integrate the new feminine intelligence to carry out the instructions of the Steward Harmony Grid.

My glorious love and joy to you all and blessings from the New Sun-Light!


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