Awakening the Inner & Outer Goddess Queen

This is a brief update on some powerful energy upgrades and new potentialities incoming from the cosmic heart. To amplify and integrate these energies the monthly energy transmission and healing call this month will support you to calmly and peacefully anchor the energies. Most of us could use extra support to manage what’s coming in and this is a loving space to receive it!

Goddess Queen Awakening

On the edges of the full moon rising, a spider found her way into my bedroom dancing her way thru the moonlight to lay her eggs. She had a message to convey and a new energy transmission of the Goddess Queen. We are now on the precipice of a new opening in the Earth Hive (the Earth’s new Earth grid) that creates space for the archetypal Goddess Queen. She is the feminine power manifested in her physical embodiment. She vibrates the wisdom codes of the Cosmic Mother and agrees to steward her mission in the universe. In newly integrated Mother Rose Points in the Earth Hive, women in resonance with the Cosmic Mother Light Body are awakening to their inner Goddess Queen directive and light.

a Feminine Fury from Darkness to Light

A powerful transformation that requires an accelerated Dark Night of the Soul personally and collectively is underway to activate the Goddess Queen. The manipulated agenda to enslave the feminine wisdom and power on Earth is generating a peaked experience in the collective where the unconscious is becoming conscious. This is provoking a fear response globally to the feminine archetype (warring against “ISIS” is one such example) as well as within. The fear of one’s own feminine power is rising into consciousness as humanity has been programmed to fear the feminine — associating her with the darkness.

To reveal the inner Queen Goddess we are moving up dimensionally and outside of the Earth experience to an ascended galactic spiral creation field of the Platinum Mother Rose. As we travel thru the timelines of Earth and into the Platinum Mother Rose we will experience a condensed version of our personal and collective histories of feminine darkness and dysfunction. The way up and out is thru the Earth Rose points mirrored in the heart center as the feminine flower of life pattern. Attuning to this “point” in the heart center will reveal the Goddess a Queen and activate her download into our hearts.

The Goddess Queen Crystalline Heart

The outer awakening of the Goddess Queen is a holographic merge with the Cosmic Mother into her crystalline heart and her “toning of the universe”. Like a tuning fork she is sending her instructions to her daughters of Earth to realign us into her heart field. When we receive her tone we become the the compassionate heart of the Goddess Queen enabling our feminine power to transform collective patterns on Earth thru compassionate heart streaming. Like radio frequencies the Goddess Queen heart sends instructions to her “hive”, her field of creation, to make upgrades to the collective field. This is a lost feminine power that is being restored and updated for the Angelic Earth.

Until next time, dear hearts, I send you my Angelic Heart tone and journey with you into the ascended Platinum Mother Rose.


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