A Galactic Re-Orientation: Ascending into Crown of the Universal Rose

Universal RoseSince the Solstice we’ve been rising, rising, rising into a new Galactic orientation, one which signals our ascent into the Crown of the Universal Rose.  (For a complete energetic download of this Galactic re-orientation, check out the December energy transmission Rose Body Triad Galactic Realignment.) From December 21, 2014 until the 2015 March Equinox, we will continue to assimilate these new Galactic Rose Body frequencies as our energy field shifts to the upgraded version of the New Human, the Heart Dream Co-Creator, a type of Galactic Alchemist who works with the power source of the stars to manifest dream worlds into planes of existence.  In the coming months, we will witness a monumental shift of our inner and outer realities as we begin to manifest through the foundation, or dimensional location, of the Galactic Rose Body.

Galactic Rose Body Formation

The Galactic Rose Body is the establishment of the Cosmic Mother’s vesicle for transmitting her Nectar source into the universe, Earth and the human energy field.  In our ascension process, Earth is realigning to her Galactic Rose Body, a co-creation of the Milk Way, Andromeda and M32 Galaxies through a platinum spiraling matrix of universal wisdom.  During the Solstice Galactic Re-orientation, these three galaxies unified through the spiral connecting to the Crown of the Universal Rose.  It is this Crown of the Rose connection that enabled the Violet and Aqua Luminescence Rays to re-emerge and unify in the Cosmic Christ again.  These rays are the “image”, or reflection, of the Twin Flame Union, and thus, are re-establishing Sacred Heart Union again on Earth.  On Earth, we are now awaiting an acceleration of manifested “popping” of Sacred Heart Union that will be fully grounded into the Earth’s new grid, the Earth Hive, by June.  With this upgrade in the grid, there will be a dismantling of false blood line unions that perpetuate dark control of the masses (think Royal unions, hybrid marriages of negative ET-human).  Supporting the Sacred Heart Unions are new Cosmic Christ children that are anchoring the Violet and Aqua Luminescence Rays.

Galactic Re-Orientation

With the merge of the three galaxies, a new astrological “story” is evolving that is guided by the divine feminine and the Galactic Angelic Guardians.  The new astrology directs humanity to re-align through the Rose Body and receive the wisdom of the stellar white, or Holy Spirited, creatures of the universe, the co-designers of the Universal Love creations and infinity matrices.  As Earth rises into this new astrological formation, the New Human is re-created through the diamond crystal DNA coding of the Christos-Sophia Avatar Body.  The re-creation re-designs our physical bodies to source from the new star-infused elemental matter for eternal, infinite life in the hearted-universe.

Through the new elemental matter infusion we are in a deep healing of the universe’s flow of love.  There has been a “rip” in the fabric of the universal heart highway, the grid that transmits the frequency of love from the Heart Core of the Universe.  As our bodies are re-created element by element we are re-building the universal heart highway to Earth and re-discovering our Unified Heart potential.  This New Age astrological age will be one of the Unified Heart and shifting creation into the projection of the AUM-Heart Tone, a stream of the crystalline waters of God Source Energy.  The New Human is ascending into the Waterfall Room of AUM-Heart, the higher heart portal that resonates with the multitudes of the love frequency.  It is inside this “room” that the human being re-identifies with the One Heart and unifies with all the creation lights that make up our soul essences.

The New Earth Sun & Heaven on Earth Grid

The Garden of Heaven descends when we “land” into the higher heart space.  At this time our connection to our Unified Heart is building the Higher Heart Portal of Earth, which serves as a bridge to the Heaven on Earth grid and accompanying creation platform.  From the perspective of the Earth Hive, Heaven on Earth is re-built through the pollination system of Earth, which underwent severe DNA and life force disruption with the enslavement of Gaia.  Gaia’s life force in the Earth Hive grid (and thus, our life force) has been re-established and is now circulating star-infused pollen via the bees and diamond light ethereal  “insects”.  The fruits of this pollen are star transmitters that are opening new star gateways on Earth that will enable the passage of the Heaven on Earth Grid at the June Solstice.  In 2015, known in the Galactic Record as the Year of the New Earth Sun, the blueprint for Heaven on Earth is ignited by the New Earth Sun and will come into full operation by the year’s end.

2015 Transmissions

In 2015, there will be a series of transmissions to boost the coming galactic advances.  Beginning on January 7th is the transmission of the New Sun Codes for 2015.  Then on February 7th, a Unified Heart Activation and Teaching that strengthens the Unified Heart manifestations that began in 2013.  If you feel called to participate in these transmissions, please join us!   Details for 2015 events can be found here.  (Please note that the registration link does not work with the Safari browser; please use Chrome or Firefox as an alternative.  Thank you!).

May the light of star pollen fill your Rose Body cup!  Until next time my infinite heart blessings are with you.


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The New Feminine Power: Activations of 12-12 & Sun Womb Emergence

The last few months have been a deep restoring and ascending process for the “wholeness” of feminine power on the planet. On the 12-12, we are arriving into the emergence of feminine power being restored as an essential ingredient to the New Human and the Destiny timeline for Earth.

The New Feminine Power

The deep seated wounds of being female and experiencing feminine creation energies on Earth created a dark force that removed authentic feminine power and functioning. The suppression of the feminine worked to disguise what the feminine is and slant history to the belief that female is the diminished or less worthy aspect of the human being. These programs of worthlessness, less than, lacking and marginalizing have been rising up in the newly laid unity consciousness grid (this is the Earth Hive structure) revealing the controlling mechanisms over the feminine. In this process of rising awareness a “lightening up” is occurring where the intelligence of the super consciousness, or oneness, is popping these control mechanisms from one’s energetic bodies and flushing out noxious physical patterns from the body. In this phasing out of the feminine control mechanisms, we are cycling thru intense moments of enlightenment and darkness.

We are working with the spiraling dynamic of the Destiny code of the unified heart to climb our way to a unified whole feminine embodiment. In the spiral is the white Nectar, the Mother elixir of new life imbued with pink crystalline angelic harmonics that re-tune the feminine DNA to vibrate at the frequency of the Higher God Self.

As our DNA is re-tuned the new feminine power rises out of the heart center and activates the womb center for a new creation cycle. The female womb is a container for the World Tree or New Tree of Life, the blueprint for creation on Earth. The New Tree of Life emerges out of the feminine womb space as it’s encoded with the language of creation, a universal instruction set from the Cosmic Mother. The new feminine power revolves around embodying this instruction set and transmitting “creation platforms” into the Earth’s unity consciousness grid. Mother Earth’s essential life force ignites the creation platforms for impregnation in the Earth’s World Tree. It is this feminine ability that empowers the female with the Earth Destiny timeline and detaches patriarchal control over the timeline. (One can understand why it was so “important” to diminish the feminine as the feminine has her hand on the direction of creation.)

Sun Womb Emergence

A crucial bio-spiritual upgrade for the female is the emergence of the Sun Womb. The Sun Womb emerges for the New Female Creator-Alchemist who is able to manifest the Heart Dream through the forces, or elemental nature, of Mother Earth. This realignment of the womb replaces the lunar cycle of the feminine with a Sun Cycle. The Sun Cycle works much differently than the lunar cycle. The feminine attachment to the lunar cycle dissipates the feminine power and creation force within her. A 28 day lunar cycle exhausts the energetic rhythm of the female, not allowing for a build up of the creation energies. With the monthly shedding of blood goes the creation force, releasing from the body too quickly for the feminine power to reach its highest potential (post-menopausal women can build up this potential more easily; hence why the post-menopausal phase can be the most creative time for women).

The New Female Embodiment is connected to the sun’s annual cycle. In the feminine realignment shedding blood occurs 4 times a year. The Sun Womb revolves with the sun’s axial turnings (replacing lunar “tidal” rhythms) and the releasing of the creative force is triggered by axial points on the sun involving the major sun spots. The 4 annual cycles build up the 4 natural elements of Mother Earth, earth, wind, air and fire, in a woman’s womb. These are the elements of the alchemy of Earth creation and maintain the harmony and balance of Mother Earth’s essential body. As women learn to work with these elements within the womb the Earth is remade annually. It is thru this feminine power that Earth is being healed.

12-12 Trigger for the Sun Womb Activation

The 12-12 date serves as a trigger to activate the Sun Womb in the belly of Mother Earth and the women who are encoded to receive the Sun Womb. Women are “in transition” in their feminine bio-spirituality. This is an evolutionary process, and thus, this is happening thru our biological intelligence as it communicates with the new sun. Adult women encoded to receive the new embodiment will experience an evolutionary accelerated transition to the Sun Cycle. Just as the sun is transitioning so is our womb. Erratic cycles (the solar flares of the womb) are the new norm as the womb and the sun realign. Females newly born will be more easily connected to the Sun Womb.

With this new information there is a letting go of the darkness that has suppressed the feminine power and the rituals and programs that held women imprisoned to a diminishing energy balance. An increase in feminine life force comes in with the 12-12 trigger and will continue to increase in strength in 2015, the Year of the New Sun.

From the womb space I send you sun blessings!

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