This blog is about diversity, reciprocity and cooperation with Mother Earth.  It is about understanding and knowing  the human responsibility to be the guardians of Earth and her creatures.   The author is Corrina Steward, a teacher of our times who integrates many paths from environmentalism to spiritual teachings.  She embodies the tools and knowledge we need today to heal ourselves and the planet.  Her experience as an international path paver for biodiversity conservation, community development and sustainable food systems revealed to her the new earth way to revive the abundance of Earth for a more peaceful planet through the synergy of Earth, Human and Spirit.

Corrina is called to teach us how to become “conscious” human beings who desire to be the guardians of Mother Earth.  To do so we become individuals who embody the higher consciousness of our unified heart, a tangible field of “energy” that contains the life affirming ingredients for healthy, whole, rich human beings in the diversity of life.  As we make the leap into the unified heart, we learn how to participate in life affirming evolution on Earth.

Many of our practices today work against the natural patterns of life.  We dominate, exploit, hoard and diminish the Earth’s abundance, including the abundance of our human family.  The result impacts our physical existence on Earth creating situations like food and water scarcity, poverty, wars, enslavement and deterioration of our natural world.  Living in a physical environment that doesn’t support life weakens the overall human condition.  From our health to the state of our minds we are the very reflection of the state of the planet.

Through this blog, Corrina shares her wisdom for embodying the unified heart and co-creating a healthy, abundant, diverse Earth.  As we make the leap into the higher consciousness of the unified heart, we become aware of the “Earth Hive”.  Like the home of the honey bees, the Earth Hive is our collective Earth home, the web of life that connects us all to the Earth.

We are undeniably meaningful participants in the Earth Hive.  We have the capacity to re-weave the web of life to be life supporting rather than life deteriorating.  With this re-alignment on Earth, our relationship to one another and to Earth shifts.  We need only to learn from the honey bees that cooperation, diversity, reciprocity, nurturing, and the flow of honey are the tenets of a New Earth and a New Humanity.  In this New Earth and New Human design a harmonious relationship between Earth, Human and Spirit emerges to re-imagine our human potential and the experience of life on Earth.

You can learn more about Corrina and the Earth Hive at: www.earthhive.net.  You can also contact Corrina directly at: corrina@earthhive.net.

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