Earth Hive Blog Transitioning to New Humanity Press Daily

NHPD logoDear dedicated Earth Hive blog followers,

I’m excited to tell you about my new blog New Humanity Press Daily (NHPD).  I’m transitioning all of my energy updates and news about transmissions & my work to NHPD.  The Earth Hive will remain as an archive of the journey to a New Earth and a New Humanity.

NHPD reflects where we are as a New Humanity.  In order to do the work that I came here to do, it was necessary to build the Earth Hive, the geometric architecture and the intelligence of the New Earth life force that is now in place to nourish our planet back to balance and health.

Now that this project is complete my work is focused on inputting and amplifying new universal intelligence and new life forms into the Earth Hive. On NHPD, you will be able to read what I and others are doing to share, teach and co-create the new universal intelligence.  Here are some recent posts:




New Humanity Press logo draft4NHPD is an outgrowth of New Humanity Press, a communication hub for receiving, transmitting, expressing and teaching the new Earth frequencies, Light codes, technologies and intelligences.

Through New Humanity Press I teach the Unified Heart manifestation techniques and way of being. I will be evolving these teachings into working with your Light Source for universal manifestation and new galactic understandings. These teachings are based on my book Our New Humanity and the ongoing teachings I receive as a Galactic Emissary for the New Humanity.

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Honey-Heart Blessings of Light,



Higher Ascension Timeline Transmission

Higher Ascension Timeline Transmission - 4Hello everyone,
I was led to do a transmission yesterday that I’ve now uploaded on my YouTube channel.  Please share and receive it as you feel guided.  This was a big one!  Details below.
Infinite love,
P.S. Please enjoy the Photo Slide Show, all photos captured yesterday at the site.  They transmits the frequencies beautifully.  Unfortunately, I was unable to upload the photographs to the YouTube video.  I recommend allowing the slide show to stream as you play the video transmission.

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Higher Ascension Timeline Transmission

Recorded on June 7, 2015, Corrina Steward ( &, transmits the Higher Ascension Timeline through the Tibetan 7th Gate of Heaven.  This descends a Higher Heaven Ascension reality into Earth and dispenses the Royal Lineage of the New Human through a DNA upgrade and Cosmic Mother Rose Body integration.  The transmission is initiated by the Whirling Rainbow Woman and transmitted through a Tibetan Stupa at the Tibetan Plaza in Deerfield, MA.  It is transmitted throughout the Earth’s pyramid points and received through the Unified Heart centers of the New Humanity, the Cosmic Heart and Gaia.  Receive this transmission through the guided audio and transmitting photos.

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Physical Reboot: Unity Embodiment in the New Earth

ascension embodimentIn this Earth Hive video blog, Corrina reviews our recent passage through the Equinox portal of the New Solar Light Body and our new Unity Embodiment (see link below for special Equinox transmission).  As we bridge between the Equinox and the June Solstice we are called to put our Ascension teachings into action and fully walk the planet as the Unified Heart Dreamer.  We are entering a time on Earth where our physical reality is shifting into unity and only life support systems that are sourced from unity will be viable.  Corrina talks about what this means for how we design our lives and the remarkable shifts we can expect in our bio-spirituality as we embody unity and Heaven on Earth.


The Equinox transmission, Bridging Heaven & Earth, is available HERE.

Igniting the Masculine Divine Pathway ~ Equinox Gateway 2015

TwinThis month I’ve created a video blog and hope to do more of these for the Earth Hive updates.  You can watch the video blog on my YouTube channel.


Some highlights from the Earth Hive video blog:

This month and leading into the March Equinox is the ignition of the Masculine Divine Pathway that is made possible through the Equinox Solar Light Body Gateway.  She explains that for the first time in the Ascension Timeline of the New Earth & New Humanity, the masculine energies are re-appearing to merge with the divine feminine pathway.  Updates include a new Ascension Grid of Safety and Peace and what this means for the Masculine Divine pathway.  The Equinox will usher in a reboot to the Earth Hive, the New Earth’s grid, enable the full embodiment of the Solar Light Body of the Sophia-Christ Consciousness through the Heaven on Earth Higher Heart Bridge. To participate in Corrina’s Equinox transmission, Register for the Bridging Heaven on Earth Transmission HERE. ******************************************************************************************************************************* Join us on the 15th of each month for an Energy Transmission & Healing call. Sign up for the Our New Humanity Newsletter. Receive New Humanity Energy Transmissions, high vibrational products & New Humanity Press Communications at the New Humanity Store.

A Galactic Re-Orientation: Ascending into Crown of the Universal Rose

Universal RoseSince the Solstice we’ve been rising, rising, rising into a new Galactic orientation, one which signals our ascent into the Crown of the Universal Rose.  (For a complete energetic download of this Galactic re-orientation, check out the December energy transmission Rose Body Triad Galactic Realignment.) From December 21, 2014 until the 2015 March Equinox, we will continue to assimilate these new Galactic Rose Body frequencies as our energy field shifts to the upgraded version of the New Human, the Heart Dream Co-Creator, a type of Galactic Alchemist who works with the power source of the stars to manifest dream worlds into planes of existence.  In the coming months, we will witness a monumental shift of our inner and outer realities as we begin to manifest through the foundation, or dimensional location, of the Galactic Rose Body.

Galactic Rose Body Formation

The Galactic Rose Body is the establishment of the Cosmic Mother’s vesicle for transmitting her Nectar source into the universe, Earth and the human energy field.  In our ascension process, Earth is realigning to her Galactic Rose Body, a co-creation of the Milk Way, Andromeda and M32 Galaxies through a platinum spiraling matrix of universal wisdom.  During the Solstice Galactic Re-orientation, these three galaxies unified through the spiral connecting to the Crown of the Universal Rose.  It is this Crown of the Rose connection that enabled the Violet and Aqua Luminescence Rays to re-emerge and unify in the Cosmic Christ again.  These rays are the “image”, or reflection, of the Twin Flame Union, and thus, are re-establishing Sacred Heart Union again on Earth.  On Earth, we are now awaiting an acceleration of manifested “popping” of Sacred Heart Union that will be fully grounded into the Earth’s new grid, the Earth Hive, by June.  With this upgrade in the grid, there will be a dismantling of false blood line unions that perpetuate dark control of the masses (think Royal unions, hybrid marriages of negative ET-human).  Supporting the Sacred Heart Unions are new Cosmic Christ children that are anchoring the Violet and Aqua Luminescence Rays.

Galactic Re-Orientation

With the merge of the three galaxies, a new astrological “story” is evolving that is guided by the divine feminine and the Galactic Angelic Guardians.  The new astrology directs humanity to re-align through the Rose Body and receive the wisdom of the stellar white, or Holy Spirited, creatures of the universe, the co-designers of the Universal Love creations and infinity matrices.  As Earth rises into this new astrological formation, the New Human is re-created through the diamond crystal DNA coding of the Christos-Sophia Avatar Body.  The re-creation re-designs our physical bodies to source from the new star-infused elemental matter for eternal, infinite life in the hearted-universe.

Through the new elemental matter infusion we are in a deep healing of the universe’s flow of love.  There has been a “rip” in the fabric of the universal heart highway, the grid that transmits the frequency of love from the Heart Core of the Universe.  As our bodies are re-created element by element we are re-building the universal heart highway to Earth and re-discovering our Unified Heart potential.  This New Age astrological age will be one of the Unified Heart and shifting creation into the projection of the AUM-Heart Tone, a stream of the crystalline waters of God Source Energy.  The New Human is ascending into the Waterfall Room of AUM-Heart, the higher heart portal that resonates with the multitudes of the love frequency.  It is inside this “room” that the human being re-identifies with the One Heart and unifies with all the creation lights that make up our soul essences.

The New Earth Sun & Heaven on Earth Grid

The Garden of Heaven descends when we “land” into the higher heart space.  At this time our connection to our Unified Heart is building the Higher Heart Portal of Earth, which serves as a bridge to the Heaven on Earth grid and accompanying creation platform.  From the perspective of the Earth Hive, Heaven on Earth is re-built through the pollination system of Earth, which underwent severe DNA and life force disruption with the enslavement of Gaia.  Gaia’s life force in the Earth Hive grid (and thus, our life force) has been re-established and is now circulating star-infused pollen via the bees and diamond light ethereal  “insects”.  The fruits of this pollen are star transmitters that are opening new star gateways on Earth that will enable the passage of the Heaven on Earth Grid at the June Solstice.  In 2015, known in the Galactic Record as the Year of the New Earth Sun, the blueprint for Heaven on Earth is ignited by the New Earth Sun and will come into full operation by the year’s end.

2015 Transmissions

In 2015, there will be a series of transmissions to boost the coming galactic advances.  Beginning on January 7th is the transmission of the New Sun Codes for 2015.  Then on February 7th, a Unified Heart Activation and Teaching that strengthens the Unified Heart manifestations that began in 2013.  If you feel called to participate in these transmissions, please join us!   Details for 2015 events can be found here.  (Please note that the registration link does not work with the Safari browser; please use Chrome or Firefox as an alternative.  Thank you!).

May the light of star pollen fill your Rose Body cup!  Until next time my infinite heart blessings are with you.


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The New Feminine Power: Activations of 12-12 & Sun Womb Emergence

The last few months have been a deep restoring and ascending process for the “wholeness” of feminine power on the planet. On the 12-12, we are arriving into the emergence of feminine power being restored as an essential ingredient to the New Human and the Destiny timeline for Earth.

The New Feminine Power

The deep seated wounds of being female and experiencing feminine creation energies on Earth created a dark force that removed authentic feminine power and functioning. The suppression of the feminine worked to disguise what the feminine is and slant history to the belief that female is the diminished or less worthy aspect of the human being. These programs of worthlessness, less than, lacking and marginalizing have been rising up in the newly laid unity consciousness grid (this is the Earth Hive structure) revealing the controlling mechanisms over the feminine. In this process of rising awareness a “lightening up” is occurring where the intelligence of the super consciousness, or oneness, is popping these control mechanisms from one’s energetic bodies and flushing out noxious physical patterns from the body. In this phasing out of the feminine control mechanisms, we are cycling thru intense moments of enlightenment and darkness.

We are working with the spiraling dynamic of the Destiny code of the unified heart to climb our way to a unified whole feminine embodiment. In the spiral is the white Nectar, the Mother elixir of new life imbued with pink crystalline angelic harmonics that re-tune the feminine DNA to vibrate at the frequency of the Higher God Self.

As our DNA is re-tuned the new feminine power rises out of the heart center and activates the womb center for a new creation cycle. The female womb is a container for the World Tree or New Tree of Life, the blueprint for creation on Earth. The New Tree of Life emerges out of the feminine womb space as it’s encoded with the language of creation, a universal instruction set from the Cosmic Mother. The new feminine power revolves around embodying this instruction set and transmitting “creation platforms” into the Earth’s unity consciousness grid. Mother Earth’s essential life force ignites the creation platforms for impregnation in the Earth’s World Tree. It is this feminine ability that empowers the female with the Earth Destiny timeline and detaches patriarchal control over the timeline. (One can understand why it was so “important” to diminish the feminine as the feminine has her hand on the direction of creation.)

Sun Womb Emergence

A crucial bio-spiritual upgrade for the female is the emergence of the Sun Womb. The Sun Womb emerges for the New Female Creator-Alchemist who is able to manifest the Heart Dream through the forces, or elemental nature, of Mother Earth. This realignment of the womb replaces the lunar cycle of the feminine with a Sun Cycle. The Sun Cycle works much differently than the lunar cycle. The feminine attachment to the lunar cycle dissipates the feminine power and creation force within her. A 28 day lunar cycle exhausts the energetic rhythm of the female, not allowing for a build up of the creation energies. With the monthly shedding of blood goes the creation force, releasing from the body too quickly for the feminine power to reach its highest potential (post-menopausal women can build up this potential more easily; hence why the post-menopausal phase can be the most creative time for women).

The New Female Embodiment is connected to the sun’s annual cycle. In the feminine realignment shedding blood occurs 4 times a year. The Sun Womb revolves with the sun’s axial turnings (replacing lunar “tidal” rhythms) and the releasing of the creative force is triggered by axial points on the sun involving the major sun spots. The 4 annual cycles build up the 4 natural elements of Mother Earth, earth, wind, air and fire, in a woman’s womb. These are the elements of the alchemy of Earth creation and maintain the harmony and balance of Mother Earth’s essential body. As women learn to work with these elements within the womb the Earth is remade annually. It is thru this feminine power that Earth is being healed.

12-12 Trigger for the Sun Womb Activation

The 12-12 date serves as a trigger to activate the Sun Womb in the belly of Mother Earth and the women who are encoded to receive the Sun Womb. Women are “in transition” in their feminine bio-spirituality. This is an evolutionary process, and thus, this is happening thru our biological intelligence as it communicates with the new sun. Adult women encoded to receive the new embodiment will experience an evolutionary accelerated transition to the Sun Cycle. Just as the sun is transitioning so is our womb. Erratic cycles (the solar flares of the womb) are the new norm as the womb and the sun realign. Females newly born will be more easily connected to the Sun Womb.

With this new information there is a letting go of the darkness that has suppressed the feminine power and the rituals and programs that held women imprisoned to a diminishing energy balance. An increase in feminine life force comes in with the 12-12 trigger and will continue to increase in strength in 2015, the Year of the New Sun.

From the womb space I send you sun blessings!

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Equinox Expansion through the Blue “RA” Star Frequencies

Blue RaHappy Equinox! We are in an exciting, liberating passage at the moment. Over the next week and truly blustering into the New Year, the mood is lightening on Earth.  Here are some updates from the Earth Hive, the new Earth grid in her highest manifestation.

Diamond Light Heart-Mind  Upgrade

Beginning in early September humanity received a Diamond Light upgrade that improved on our new unified heart and its connection to the One Mind through the Earth’s Honey Comb Hive grid.  This upgrade comes from the multitude of star systems supporting our ascension.  The result has been a deeper “finalization of outmoded timelines”, specifically creation timelines that project separation through war, poverty and exploitation of Mother Earth.  We still see this reflection in 3D Earth as this is where the “story of old creation” continues to stream.  It is important that we do not give our life force to these stories as we are truly witnessing history and not reality.  Pay close attention to how you may be drawn into the lure of separation stories.  If you are, become the luminous witness!

The New Receptivity

As part of the Diamond Light upgrade, pods of New Humans are being born and awakening into this new intelligent light.  Our cellular make-up is once again rearranging and being recreated to receive the new light.  This is called the New Receptivity (check out the new Earth Hive Essence Receptivity for the ingredients to this higher conscious formula).   Embodied in the New Receptivity is a Heart-Mind unification through the Diamond Light that envelopes the old Self with the new Self.  As we realign to this new configuration we quickly assimilate into our most luminous-one heart-one mind-Diamond Avatar reflection and walk the planet transmitting Diamond Light “star frequencies” with each step.  We are encoded with the Diamond Light star systems that are tuning us in this upgrade; thus, our bodies are a receptor and transmitter of the new star systems, which Earth is now able to accessing.

The New Receptivity opens us up to the divine heart-mind intelligence that expands consciousness rapidly on Earth.  For the luminous pods of New Humans, we are experiencing the New Era of Light and will in our communities witness the miracles that we envision in our Dream Time Hearts.  There is an activation now in the collection of DreamTime Hearts, the merging of unified hearts in the invisible realm to manifest a unified reality of the One Heart Frequency.  This DreamTime Hearts’ manifestation is being propelled by greater pulsations from our Galactic Source through a stellar pattern of the New Dream for Earth, encoded in the Diamond Light star systems.  Through this activation we are lifting the lid on the “box of ourselves” to reveal a newly patterned dream, personally and collectively, which results in a new manifestation of ourselves.

A New Blue “Ra” Star Earth Alignment

Timed with the Earth’s Equinox Expansion, a new star system complex is being revealed in our solar system called the Blue “Ra” convergence.  The Blue “Ra” is the streaming of Blue Frequency star systems most specifically an emergence of Sirian Cosmic Rays via the Sirius Triad for Life and the Manifestation of the Blue Kachina in Real Time.  A most complex manifestation, the Blue “Ra” Star Earth Alignment merges the timelines, dreamscapes and stellar/planetary matter of a multitude of possibilities for an infinite-abundance creation on Earth and in the universal timeline of “Ra”.

“Ra” is the King and Queen of the Golden Sun, both the divine feminine and masculine projections of God, into our reality.  “Ra” frequencies are streaming through the Blue Frequency star systems anointing our inner King and Queen as a co-creator with God.  In this complex of surging “Ra” energies we become the Throne of God imbued with the creator source, and thus, the power to create “on high”.  The Blue “Ra” manifests the Blue Kachina, an ancient Earth DreamTime Heart Vision of the New Era of Light.  The Kachina is a reflection of Diamond Light through the Blue Stellar Frequencies and the Galactic Butterfly Formation.  From the Equinox until mid-January 2015 Earth is receiving the “Ra” energies that will usher in the New Era of Light, creating a lightness of luminous being pathway for those that choose it in manifested form.  There will be a re-paving of the Earth’s surfaces, a cleansing of her soils from which a new generation of unified hearts are born.

Much love to you all in your DreamTime Hearts and may you sparkle with your highest Diamond Heart Lights!

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Timeline Jumping & Dimensional Shifting

timelineHello!  It’s so wonderful to be blogging again after the birth of my beautiful daughter Leianna.  We are experiencing so much change right now in the Earth reality that the time is ripe to be transmitting messages again.  Before I dive into the energy update, I want to let you know about a new, monthly Energy Transmission & Healing Call I will be doing.  It’s the third Monday of every month.  Each month will be a live transmission and a sharing of what we can expect energetically.  You can sign up for September’s call here.

8/8 Timeline Jump

Beginning on the 8/8 there was a consciousness shift that became available to humanity.  This shift involved upgrading to the New Money Matrix (go here for a free energy transmission to receive the New Money Matrix upgrade) and activating a “loop” on the evolutionary, Ascension Timeline on Earth.  Once activated this “loop” pulls us up in frequency and in “time”.  The impact of connecting into this timeline leap is an acceleration of time, events and healing.  You may be experiencing a rapid integration of new revelations, illusions breaking down and healing.  It’s also important to realize that in such a timeline jump, we can experience deeper polarities of reality with the Ascended Reality–Heaven on Earth–becoming clearer and experienced while the Descended Reality is shaking off of us through everyday experiences.  We indeed live both!

This is a time to truly let go and allow the rushing of timeline ascensions and descensions to move through us.  Be in the moment and OBSERVE what is happening.  Our ability to have an Eagle’s view of our lives will serve us well now.

Diamond Light Upgrade

In the 8/8 timeline jump, we received a greater influx of Diamond Light Essence into our cells through crystal nodes that have wired into our outer energy body, the Diamond Avatar Matrix body specifically.  In receiving this light upgrade we are realigned into a Diamond Heart, Diamond Mind receptivity.  This causes our antennae to the universe to shift and receive and transmit the Language of Light as a Light Being.

Through our Diamond Heart and Mind receptivity, we are sending signals out to the universe–other celestial bodies, star systems, galaxies, ET life, etc.–of the conditions on Earth.  This happens naturally as the light flowing outward from our Diamond Heart and Mind is filtered through Earth grids, dimensions and energy fields; thus, our light transmissions are encoded with Earth’s information.  With this increase in light transmissions outward from Earth, we are calling in greater and greater Cosmic Light transmissions.  This occurs through the Infinity Frequency Effect where every outward transmission connects to an inward transmission–also the basis of Instant Manifestation in Unity Consciousness.

We are now engaged in two-communication between Earth and Cosmic life like never before, which is bringing in new life forms to Earth (some incarnating as humans and some remaining in other dimensions) that both springboard our evolution and challenge it.  Without a doubt, we need to master our skills as energy beings to smooth out this time of ramped up information exchange.

Dimensionally Shifting

With the 8/8 timeline jump, Earth as a whole landed more solidly into her upper dimensional body, which in turn lands us there as well.  What this means is that we are more able to access our higher consciousness and abilities to perceive behind the veil.  This shift can come to us in many ways such as greater clarity of reality, lucid dreaming, clairvoyance, etc.  For those that have already been in a dimensional space of higher perception, you will find that more and more people are meeting you there–a welcome relief as more who awaken to their higher consciousness will amplify the unity field.  We will see in the coming months many awakening through adversity, and there will be Cosmic help and support once they do.

As we near the Equinox in September, the 8/8 transformations will receive an Earth Expansion Signal that will further amplify the higher dimensional awakening.  This will be a time of more Diamond Light Body-infused businesses and innovations (inventions of healing and social technology, specifically) receiving greater visibility and acknowledgement from the collective-human-Earth energy field.  It will seem as if a light switch is turned on and these ventures will become centrally focused to many communities’ priorities.

Until next time, breathe through your unified heart space…call in the Diamond Light and smile from your inner heart.  Peace BEE with you all.



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Passing of the Torch: Stewardship and Direction from the New Sun-Light

new sunHello all,

This is another quick update of some vast incoming new energy fields that are descending into Earth now to integrate us into the new feminine architecture for planet Earth.  All of this is building from the Golden Egg transmission to the recent Mother”ship” landing of the new feminine systems  and from the “birthing room” of the new Angelic Earth (as I myself enter the physical birthing room for the birth of my daughter).  If you require assistance or want deeper guidance to navigate your role in these incoming energies, I strongly encourage you to receive the activations from March 22nd of the Global Unified Heart transmission.  These include the Tribes of Light transmission that are specifically for this moment.

Passing of the Torch: Ancient Earth Mission Complete

For some time now, especially leading up to the shifting energies of 2012 and the grounding in of the new  Angelic Earth, the blueprint of Ancient Earth has been leading the way for the rising of the Angelic Earth.  We needed to go “back in time” to re-integrate the Ancient Earth wisdom codes to create a solid foundation for our new evolutionary experience.  This is process is now complete.  We have integrated the Ancient Earth wisdom codes and the elders and ancestors who guided our process are passing the torch onto us!  As the ancestoral co-creators created the Earth, we now have the wisdom and the tools to carry forward the re-creation of the Earth in a very physical, “real” way now.

The blueprint of the Angelic Earth is already imprinted into our planet’s hologram, as well as individuals who are the Angelic Humans.  Thus, we are emitting these wisdom codes and now are being led to the specific tasks that are our Angelic Human missions.  Our new missions reflect the “future” state of the planet.  We are moving in the direction of a humane planet that is built on peace, love, beauty and expanding joy.  We will know the vastness of these energy fields as unified life experiences: Peace is. Love is.  Beauty is. Joy is the catalyst of them all.  No longer “caught” in the web of constricted creation rules, we are the manifestors of the New Human Freedom.  We carry the Keys to the Kingdom and are now being “pushed” to use them and use them fast!  The Earth is in need of some rapid intervention.  So if you’re doubting your role or unsure of the direction, it’s time to move on from that state.  Your wisdom codes are unlocked and you are fully empowered to transform all that you have come here to create.  If there ever was a moment to leap, it’s now.  You will not be alone.  As you leap into your New Human Freedom, you will be met with others be fully supported in your Angelic Earth mission.

Emissaries of the New Sun-Light

A new group of souls are awakening and descending into the planet that carry the Light of New Sun.  There is a new activation from the sun that is directing the Sun Souls to physically embody and in the case of some humans “awaken” in their current bodies to carry out the mission of Sun Souls.  The Sun Souls are carriers of new light rays that are transmuting old Earth matter with instantaneous sun ray radiation.  Beaming this light through the third eye and heart centered golden light re-wires the old Earth matter into new Earth matter and re-aligns Earth matter to the direction of the Light of the New Sun.

The New Sun-Light is encoded with planetary stewardship “harmony” codes that are relieving Mother Earth from “holding balance” by circulating “new light breathe” into the Earth matter.  The transmission of the Sun Souls brings planetary “enlivenment” and harmony intelligences that are new to the planet.  As we move towards the June Solstice, the Sun Souls’ transmission will intensify and open new portals for sun travelers to visit the planet to work on the Stewardship Harmony Grid of Earth.  The Harmony Grid informs the planet to manifest harmonious life-giving systems, firstly, to Nature Consciousness and, secondly, to Humanity as She awakens into the New Earth Song vibration.  Humanity as She will integrate the new feminine intelligence to carry out the instructions of the Steward Harmony Grid.

My glorious love and joy to you all and blessings from the New Sun-Light!


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